JetFuel Team Pro Sensors + Heart Rate + Time in heart zones + Speed + Accelerations


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Biometric Apparel
JetFuel has a diverse line of premium apparel collections for Men, Women and Children. Every high quality piece is equipped with our state of the art technology, tracking biometric and ancillary metrics of the wearer. These are heavily tested, washable comfortable pieces.

The pieces will continue to be produced in trendy colorways and cuts. Because the heart of the platform is a removable piece most users will have multiple items in the collection and one biometric heart.

Biometric Brain
All of our pieces across all verticals consumer and professional contain a rechargeable state of the art durable water proof impact resistant "brain" that processes sensor data and transmits it encrypted wirelessly to a compatible receiver with our software

Professional Software Offerings
Our partnerships will often include modified versions of our platform offerings to fit the target domain. We have identified the core areas of concern across domains allowing us to quickly come to market with well tested yet custom offerings for larger future clients to come in military, government, industry, health care domains.

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Medical Offerings
We are also focused on managing a collection of partnerships and custom offerings for military / medical grade removable garments / interfaces to monitor critical statistics in mobile scenarios. This includes our primary products in special garments & a future software / hardware heads up display and or monitor.

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